'Light on Water', One man show; Prints and animation;
Atrium Gallery, Bournemouth University, Poole, Dorset; Febuary 2004

'Light on Water', One man show; Prints and animation;
Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport, Dorset; July 2004

'Illumination, Light and Reflection' Group show; Prints from 'Light on Water';
Rook Lane Arts, Frome, Somerset; August 2004

'Synaesthesia' Group show; Print and wall mounted animation 'Light on Water' and screening in the art gallery animation room;
Art Gallery at SIGGRAPH2004, Los Angeles, California, USA; August 2004

'Patterns in Nature' Group show; Print from 'Light on Water';
Digital Gallery at the Art+maths=X conference, University of Northern Colorado, USA; March 2005

'Video and Digital Arts International Festival' Group show, Digital Arts; 'Light on Water' wall mounted animation;
Girona, Spain; November 2005

'Painting Film' Group show,'Light on Water' projected animation;
Swarm gallery at the Lounge Gallery and Studios, London; December 2005

'CGIV&IV06 Digital online gallery' Group show, Print from 'updown fall';
London and Australia; July 2006

'Intersections' Group show; Wall mounted animation 'updown fall';
Art Gallery at SIGGRAPH2006, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; August 2006

'Falling Water', One man show; Prints, projected animation and wall mounted animation; New Greenham Arts, Newbury, Berkshire; February 2007
'Water', Group show; Prints and projected animation from 'Falling Water':
Stroud House Gallery, Stroud, Gloustershire; July 2007

'Global Eyes' Group show; Print 'Falling Water';
Art Gallery at SIGGRAPH2007, San Diego, Califonia, USA; August 2007

'Multichannel', Group show; projected animation 'Falling water';
Artsway, Sway, Hampshire; September 2007

'The Salon', Group show; Prints and wall mounted animation from 'Leaves on the River';
Study Gallery, Poole, Dorset; November 2008

‘Village screen', Glastonbury festival; Large screen animations ‘Light on Water’, ‘Falling Water’, ‘Leaves on the River’;
Glastonbury, Somerset; June 2009

‘Large Screen', Artist work from Bournemouth University and the Arts Institute Bournemouth; Large screen animation ‘Light on Water’, Lower Gardens, Bournemouth; July 2009

'Second Salon', Group show; Prints and wall mounted animation from 'Willows on the River';
KUBE Gallery, Poole, Dorset; September 2009

‘Open 2010’, Dorchester Arts Group Show; Three prints from ‘Willows on the River’; Dorchester, May - June 2010

‘Big Screens', BBC big screens; Large screen animations ‘Light on Water’,
19 screens around the UK; July - August 2010