My work is driven by the observation and reaction to specific moments in time and place of landscape. This can be willow trees swaying in the wind, reflecting on a river; leaves randomly floating down a river; shadows of clouds rolling slowly over hills and so on. The sensations derived from the aspects of form, colour, light and movement in these scenes are what I am attempting to realise in my work. The intention is making images, still and moving, which creates specific optical, sensation based experiences.

There is no narrative in my still or animation work, the movement is continuous, left to right, right to left, up to down, with a fixed camera view. I am observing general movement with small seemingly random secondary, movements reoccurring. It is contemplative, reflective and serene.
Central to my practice is the use of the tools and techniques available in three dimensional computer animation systems; all the development and image making are within the virtual environment of such a system. I am producing images in which the means of mark making is not apparent. Painting or photography is not directly involved in the output; there is no brush stroke, gesture mark or pixel visible.

The viewer is presented with a two dimensional still or moving image which consists of recognisable and abstract elements juxtaposed to achieve the equivalent sensation of the initial scene and moment in time, interpreted though the minds eye.